Friday, February 13, 2009

Advanced Caricature and EXTREME Exaggeration!

Advanced Caricature and EXTREME Exaggeration - For Teens and Adults
Hang on to your seat! In this spine-tingling advanced course, students take off from the fundamentals of caricature and journey into the realms of EXTREME exaggeration.
Speed, accuracy, and confidence are honed as the student travels to the boundaries of exaggeration and beyond!
Venture into advanced line variation, stretch & squash, the "pound of Play-Doh" principle, overlapping form, why "bigger isn’t always better," defying the laws of physics, radical simplicity, and more; as well as advanced shading, color theory and applying color to your drawings.
Examples are provided of the wide range of caricature styles from icons of classic "theme park" caricature to the vanguard of contemporary EXTREME humor, as well as recommended books and resources to inspire, to excite, and to challenge the student’s skills, knowledge and daring.
Completion of Introduction to Caricature is required.

For more about my caricatures, samples, and demonstrations:
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