Monday, December 21, 2009

THE HUMOROUS ART OF CARICTURE - New class at the Arvada Center

This class is offered at the Arvada Center for the Arts & Humanities
6901 Wadsworth Blvd. Arvada, CO 80003-3499
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Class Description:
In this fun and exciting class, you are introduced to the unique art of caricature, exploring humorous exaggeration, while maintaining a recognizable likeness/resemblance.
Line quality, texture, shading, proportions, shape, angles, simplicity, relationships, “stretch & squash,” the “Z-stroke” – you learn to use these methods and more to create humorous likenesses of faces.

This class combines instructor demonstrations with hands-on drawing. Enthusiasm and expression grow – and so do the laughs – as you learn new skills and a fun new way of seeing the world. If you are new to caricature, you get plenty of foundational basics. If you have taken this class before, you take your drawing skills to the next level.
Minimal basic drawing skills are required. If you can draw a circle, a rectangle, and a triangle, I can teach you to draw caricatures!
Drawing on my experience - over 8,000 caricatures - I share numerous techniques, tips, and tricks. You benefit from my experience!

More about the class:
Caricature is an art of simplification and stylization.
I take you through each of the features of the face, from the largest to the smallest, showing you how to depict each feature, and the different ways they can be exaggerated and played with.
This class changes the way you look at the world. No matter what specific techniques or tools you use, the concepts you learn in this class help you to see better, and to draw better!

Supply List:
Bring at least 20 sheets of paper, 8 ½ x 11” or larger. Drawing paper, sketchbook, or copier bond paper are perfectly acceptable.
One pencil, B or 2B, and an eraser. A small sharpener is also helpful, or you can bring a ‘click’ pencil.
At least two black markers: Dixon Markette, or Sharpie fine point (not the ultra-fine point.)
Optional supplies include a sketch board or clip board.

Tutition: $190
(AV12) Tues. Jan 5 – March 9
6:30 – 9:00 pm; 10 weeks
Classes are held at the Arvada Center for the Arts & Humanities
6901 Wadsworth Blvd.
Arvada, CO 80003

Contact me with questions, or for more information:
Mike Kloepfer
Cel: 407-