Friday, February 13, 2009

Advanced Portrait Drawing

Advanced Portrait Drawing
Portraiture is ultimately a celebration of a single human life. A good portrait is valued for its aesthetic merits. To achieve this, the student builds on the foundations learned in Beginning Portrait Drawing, refining their skills, honing their accuracy, and sharpening their ability to see and visualize. Principles of proportion, envelope shapes, planes of the head, anatomy of the features of the face, connecting the head to the body, and more are explored through discussion, demonstration, and exercises.
Portraits are works of art designed through a process of selection, emphasis, and subordination of detail. The concepts of focal point, unified light, value, form and shadow, perspective and gesture are explored. The student learns the different types shadows and their edges, and gains mastery over line quality, edge control, value and form. The result is amazing realism.
A masterful portrait is also valued for its insights into the psyche of the sitter. The features of the face convey a wealth of nonverbal communication. The aim of portraiture is to capture not only a likeness but a state of mind and emotion. The student develops the knowledge and skills to portray the complex range of emotion and expression found in the face.
Examples of classical and contemporary masterworks are given to inspire the student and illustrate the principles discussed; as well as recommended books and resources to expand the student’s knowledge and help them to take their drawing skills further.
Supply List: 18 x 24" newsprint pad, at least two sticks of vine charcoal (medium), B or 2B drawing pencil, kneaded eraser, paper towels.

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